Wooded Lane

Each of us goes through life with our own unique experiences, struggles, and pain. You may reach a point where you realize you want your life to be different but find it difficult to know where to begin.


If you find yourself at this point, I can help you as we work together to gain a deeper understanding of how your experiences have shaped who you are. Our work together may involve reflecting on areas of your life that have felt too painful or overwhelming to bear on your own, including your past and current relationships. We will take the insight gained about your relational patterns and apply it in a way that will give you a greater sense of compassion and respect for yourself, allowing you the freedom and capacity to choose how you would like to live your life.


My therapeutic approach is grounded in elements of psychodynamic theory, interpersonal theory, family systems, and relational psychoanalytic theory. I will tailor my approach based on your needs as they change and develop over time. Together, I hope to establish a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, where we work towards achieving your goals.


In my therapy practice, I work with adults, adolescents, and couples to address a wide variety of issues. I have experience and training in the following areas:


• Abuse recovery • Parent-child relationships
• Adjusting to parenthood • Postpartum depression/anxiety
• Anxiety and panic attacks • Pre-marital counseling
• Cultural adjustment • Relationship conflicts
• Depression • Self-esteem development
• Domestive violence • Spirituality
• Grief and loss • Stress management
• Improving communication in relationships • Third culture kids
• Korean-English speaking families • Trauma



Image courtesy of David Hayward